Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Check out Zoya Sienna!
 *wolf whistle*
 This is three delicious coats topped with two coats of Poshe.
 It doesn't need to be smoothed, if you are wondering - the only reason I used a second coat of top coat is because I was trying desperately to speed up the drying process before getting ready and going to work.
 Thank goodness these pictures turned out lovely!
 I did have some bubbling (boo) and it took somewhere around 8 hours for this to fully and 100% completely dry.  Bonkers.
 Also, after it had finally dried all the way, I noticed some shrink near a few of my cuticles (but it didn't seem to happen at the tips).  Ughs!  I took these pictures immediately after finishing the mani, which is why you don't see any sad, sad shrink.
All this to say that I absolutely loooove Sienna but must figure out a better way the next time around.  The plan is to let the coats dry a bit in between and to use a different top coat (or layer Seche Vite over Poshe or something).

8 dizzy comments:

Wow, this is so pretty! Onto my wish list it goes :)

Gorgeous! I wonder how it compares to China Glaze's Riveting.

Beautiful! :) I don't have Zoya, but Essence has a similar colour. :)


pretty color!

MMMM! So beautiful! Orange is my fav colour so naturally I love this to death. It reminds me of GOSH Orange Drops which I have :D it's a bit sheer snd takes like 4 coats to be opaque I think!

Lovely lovey, can't get enough of it !

How do you do two coats of Poshe? Do you put the second one on immediately after the first before it's really set, or do you do it like a regular second coat?

Lacquer-Loving Lawyer - thanks! I believe Riveting is darker/deeper and a smidge more red, but I'll find out soon. I want to wear Riveting very soon, so stay tuned! If I remember, I'll do a quick comp before the mani. :)

Amandina Kitty - thanks! I love this color as well. Should wear it more!

BeckBeck - I waited maybe 10 or 15 minutes, decided it wasn't drying fast enough for me, then added another coat of Poshe. I'm pretty sure I've applied a second coat right away in the past, though, with no trouble.

Gorgeous color! I've had success using Out the Door over Zoyas, didn't notice any shrinking and didn't take long to dry fully. I've heard Zoyas don't play well with Seche Vite.

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