Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is two luscious coats of Nails Inc. Baker Street.  It's an insanely vivid, bright, rich, cobalt blue.
 Initially, I decided to do something different (for me) and go for thumb accents using Dollish Polish Random Dancing (one thick coat).  It looked super cool.
 But......but.....I had issues.  I accidentally used my top coat as my base coat (WHAT?!), and by the time I realized it, I was also mad about my top coat leaving tiny bubble-like (not really bubbles, but just yuck) texture over my mani.  I couldn't handle it.  So, I took it all off and just quickly redid everything with only Baker Street.  Take two pictures are below.
 It's sort of deeper in real life, the color.  Amazing formula, application, and good wear time (almost three days).
 Silly enough, I didn't realize that Saturday was St. Patrick's Day, so this ended up unintentionally being my St. Patrick's Day mani.  I'm not really Irish, or not much anyway, so that's fine I suppose.  :)  It's an amazing color to be wearing!
I'm telling myself that this is a dupe for Dior's LE Electric Blue.  I hope it is.  I'm not gonna get the Dior.

Also, my favorite English teacher ever's name is Mr. Baker.  Somehow that makes me love this polish all the more!

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That is a gorgeous blue! I love bright and dark blues... Bummer about the top/base coat mess up, though!

Gottwinkies - isn't it?! I love blues, too. Yeah, the top/base switcheroo was a direct result of trying to use the Nails Inc. base and top, which I don't normally use. They are both pink tinted, thus my confusion. Blah.

beautiful blue!

LOOOOOOOOVE the color.

Love this color! Looks great on you btw.

I neeeeed this polish in my life, haha! xx


this is an AMAZING shade!!! love it. need it!!

hi lauren! gorgeous color--i have several blue polishes but none this bright. and i haven't worn them yet; IDK maybe secretly i'm a little skittish about wearing something so "loud"? go figure, i'll wear a bright red or hot pink lippie in a minute, but not blue nails?!? LOL blessings

janel - hi!! I think I understand. Blue is one of those colors that's rather commanding and unconventional on the nails, no matter the exact shade. It takes some getting used to. You should try it sometime soon! :D I'm often a little skittish about red lips. I'm working on that. :)

umm that is AWESOME!!!

This looks a lot like Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue!

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