Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I'm back!  You probably didn't know I was gone, though.  :)
 I went to visit my various grandparents last week, for a week.  I wanted an easy mani solution, so I chose to put on nail stickers.
 These are the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips in All-A-Flutter.  I put them on and took these pictures last Tuesday.
 I went ahead and topped them with a coat of Poshe right away.
 My application with these was hurried and not my best work.  You can see that the edges near the cuticles are not very smooth or even looking in some places.  That's from either trimming them poorly (I use my Tweezerman nippers to trim them sometimes) or having had too much sticker in that area and then clumsily sort of pinching/chopping off the excess with the wood stick or some other implement.
I think I actually went and used a small brush with acetone after I took these pictures to try and smooth out the rough edges!  It helped some.

This design is cute enough, but honestly, it's not my favorite.  Within a day or two I was pretty well over them!  I wore them for a full eight days, though.  I didn't take any progress pictures.  They were somewhat chipped by the end, but not too badly.

Oh!  And I don't like how the index and middle fingers look exactly the same.  I prefer them to be all different or all the same.  I guess I wasn't paying attention when I put them on.

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Your rough edges are microscopic, I wish my manicures looked this good on the best of days. Very cute though, I haven't tried any of the nail stickers yet, but I want to soon.

This is so cute! I love the pink butterfly :)

So cute! Love this color combination, waiting for them to go on sale, need butterflies pls >.<

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