Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Well, hello there, delicious, most perfect, squishy, plump, juicy, purple, flakie, shimmery, gorgeous, jaw-droppingly beautiful polish!!!!
 I think I LOVE YOU!
 I love the C.S.I.-esque finger print on my bottle showing above.  D'oh.
 Oh, sorry, what's that?  You just want to know what this beauty is and where you can get one?!
 Okay, this is by Magnetic Nail Design, which is a Dutch polish brand.  It's called Freakin' Violet, which cracks me up.  No, it is not a magnetic polish where you use a magnetic to pull a design.
 I ordered it from their Canadian website here.
 Indoors, it looks like a shiny, glass smooth deep purple that has something interesting going on inside.  You can't quite tell what, but you can see this mysterious blue sort of twinkle from the flakes inside.  The green shimmer shows most distinctly in bright lights or sun, though, and is quite the delightful addition!
Application was a breeze with two easy coats!  My wear was tragic with two large chips at just under a day, but I'm going to try it again with a different top coat (here I used two coats of Poshe).  Next time I think I will go for Seche Vite and see if that helps.  

Freakin' Violet appears to be sold out on the site I mentioned above.  It does seem that they will accept orders, though, and send it out as soon as it's re-stocked.  However you can do it, I strongly urge you to get this polish!!  :)

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Oh I LUV this!!! and I Want it sooo Bad! Thanks For Sharing!

I've seen this on another blog, and I completely fell in love ♥_______♥

LOVE this polish! It looks awesome on you too. I have been thinking about getting it for awhile, I should probably just do it already!

....WOW...instant lemming! I have never seen anything quite like it-and only 2 coats?!

that polish is something else!

This is Dutch??? Really?? I have never een or heard about this before. Will go and google it right now, because it's gorgeous and I really want it. WOW!!

I finally found your blog! :) ...searching for this?! lol LOVE it /hug

Thanks for the link, definitely need to place an order:)

Miranda - pretty sure! Says The Netherlands on the box. Isn't is AMAZING?!

NailsIT - hooray and welcome!! Thank you!! *hug*

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