Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Here is the ever impressive Layla Ultra Violet.
 For this mani, I started with two coats of Jessica's holo base coat.
 You want to make sure the base coats are totally dry before proceeding with the polish.
 I'm told that it can be quite disastrous, if not!
Then I used three coats of polish, waiting a bit in between coats, to be sure I wouldn't have any dragging or issues.
 I decided not to use any top coat.
 I wore this for two days.  I maybe could have squeaked out a third day, but I opted to change my mani as I had some tip wear.  I was pleased not to have any chipping, though!
 I ordered this and all the other Layla holos from Amazon.  I had a few gift cards from Christmas, so I was happy to use them and get these for less!  The shipping and was super duper quick (they came from AveYou).
I probably don't wear more holos because I'm stuck indoors so much of the time.  I have to say, though, that this was very pretty and impressive even indoors!

Here is a shade picture.  Still lovely!

8 dizzy comments:

i want this one and the others too :-P

Lovely, absolutely stunning! So far I have Flash Black from this collection, but this one is definitely next on my list!

Super pretty

Omg gorgeous colour! xx

do you think this polish is like IDK?

Paola - it's definitely very similar! I've heard some people say that the Layla holos are the most spectacular they've ever seen...I haven't compared them closely myself, but I'm tempted to agree that the Laylas are even more rainbowy than others. :)

ridiculously gorgeous!!!!

Ooooh! I am thinking I may need some Laylas for my stash and this is the first one I'll buy! This mani looks AWEsome! :D

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