Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Supa-stahhhhr!!  Here's the Lippmann Collection Superstar, from the Celebrate collection.  It's a rich brown jelly packed to the max with copper glitter.  My wee nubs are starting to grow!  It could also be my imagination...but in any case I am pleased and encouraged.  My right hand has some little chips on the ends as this is my second day wearing this and I give 'em hell at work.  I've noticed that the mega-packed glitters maybe chip a little easier off my tips.

I hope you have a Super Superstar day!

5 dizzy comments:

What a fun color, it has a lot of depth!

I adore this color. I was so bummed when this sold out. So happy when they bought it back. I just hate Funky Chunky. That is a mess but I saw a new one in silver that looked fabulous. This looks gorgeous on you.

Ugh, it's completely gorgeous! I'm about to do this to my nails too I've got breaks on four of them. Time to start all over! Both of my middle fingers look like your middle finger.

Just discovered your site recently and am really impressed with your close up pics! They look really great :)

Thanks to everyone for your comments! And welcome, Kelly!! I'm glad you found me and hope you will continue to enjoy the pictures. :D

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