Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Hiya!  I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend.  I'm getting over some icky cold thing, so Sunday was pretty yuck-o but today I'm finally feeling a little better.  Hopefully it's all downhill from here!  I'm noticing that whenever I'm sick with a bad cold I have almost zero motivation to change my polish and I also have the hardest time deciding on colors.  

My numero uno bud, who we shall call Kup, selected the following manicure colors.  Two coats of smooooooth as buttah Butter London HRH (which apparently stands for "Her Royal Highness").  Can you believe how pretty it is?!

I had a little shrink back from Poshe.  Boo!  I think I need to thin it a bit.  Hopefully that will help.  If I've said this before then welcome to the world that we shall call Dizzy haz brain damage!  Ha.  I joke about myself because my memory is just awful.

Kup wanted me to put "a new China Glaze glitter" on it, so I selected Cleopatra.  I put one coat on top, ONE!  It's so crazy thick and packed full of glittahs.

I think I maybe could have made it a wee bit thinner...or added some polish thinner.  Either way, it's the bomb, even though I probably would have preferred to see a bit more HRH.

I'm not sure you can really see and appreciate it fully, but Cleopatra has some greenish glitter in it.  Cool!

This is my second ever Butter London mani and I gotta say I have nothing but love for Butter London as of yet.  It applied beautifully.  I had no problems with the wacky old cap (they are using a new system now).  And you can see how poifect it looks!  And how much do we love China Glaze for coming out with a ton of amazing new colors and glitters!?  I can't wait to see all of them (and get my grubby hands on 'em, too!).

2 dizzy comments:

I love that China Glaze polish! Glitters are so fun!

I am liking HRH shade. It's really pretty. A nice royal looking purple. That glitter is too much! In a good way I mean. I ordered what was available from VNS and also the Color Club Japanese Glitters. That is so amazing looking. I like it overtop the Butter polish. Your nails are looking flashy and gorgeous. I hope your feeling better. My memory is crap also. I blame having had an underactive thyroid for a load of years. The dr. wouldn't put me on medication because I wasn't at the exact number to be considered low. I was almost at it. One of the symptoms of underactive thyroid is memory loss or poor memory. I have it for sure.

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