Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Here I did Urban Outfitters Green 4, an army-green sort of jelly.  I needed three coats.  The brush was fairly awful - big and fluffy like with one long wonky piece sticking out.  The application wasn't really terrific either, but I made it work.

This shade of green is definitely not very flattering on me, but hey, I do what I want!!

Then I added a coat of CND Okie Dokey Artichokey.  Oh it was so purty!  Applied perfectly, too.

Unfortunately some bubbles were coming up and apparently could not be stopped.  Oh the tragedy!!

A really terrific gal from across the country sent me this polish out of the kindness of her heart!  Thank you, Kris!!  I love, love, love it.

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Okie Dokey Artichokey is a great polish!!!

Love both polish colors! My favorite polish shade green! I also love artichokes! They are the most delicious vegetable. Sorry, got off track. I like the look of the polish. Looks like a duochrome. Or is it just a pink/gold shimmer? Whatever it is your nails look lovely.

I love it with the CND!

Lucy - it is indeed a duochrome! :D I didn't used to like artichokes but I'm coming around. I definitely like them a lot in certain dishes.

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