Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

For this manicure I started with two coats of Wet & Wild Black Pearl. It was super nice, I have to say. Then I added one coat of....oh dear, oh dear! Was it one coat or two? Two!! I added two coats of Color Club Wild and Willing. It is way cooler than I had hoped it would be!!

It's blindingly sparkly (you'll see in a few pics)!

The shimmah is perfection.

Check out the duochrome!!

Even though these colors are not my most flattering I lurve this so, so much. It's very Autumnal.

The picture above almost makes it look like I had bubbling. I assure you that other than an obnoxious bubble or two on my middle finger, I really didn't have any trouble. I think it's the way the shimmah is shining that makes it look bubbly somehow!

As an afterthought, I had used Orly Bonder under this. The polish peeled off like stickers within 24 hours! I was really unhappy about that. The jury is still out on Bonder, but best I can tell so far, it performs differently depending on the brand of polish I wear with it. I don't think it plays well with W&W or Claire's polish.

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You have awesome pictures! The Color Club is just so amazing! Like leaves at fall :)

This polish is so cool! It really reminds me of fall!


That is beautiful. Shame that it peeled off. I've never had that happen. Really does look like a perfect Autumn polish.

It's the very essence of autumn! The shimmer stands out so well, beautiful pics!

This is gorgeous. Again, I want some Color Clubs! Sigh, us brits are so deprived ;)

Thank you all!! Glittermillie I cannot believe they get away with depriving you so! :( Wretched, I say!

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