Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Hi! Behold the loverliness of China Glaze Meteor Shower! It's one of the new colors from their super exciting Glitters, Shimmers, and Cremes collection. I got my grubby paws on about five of these beauts and cannot wait to get more. I believe there are to be 50 in total. So many of them look just awesome!

I did two coats here. The formula on this one is quite thick and a bit difficult to work with.

Thank goodness the pictures lie! You'd never know, probably, huh?

I did two coats of Poshe on top and it was still bumpy from all the glitter!

I really love it, despite its flaws. What do you think?

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That is such a gorgeous glitter!

I am definitely going to buy that one.

I commented the wrong post sory!

I should have commented here with,

Wow! I want one!

Ooh, I also love the look of Meteor Shower. It probably takes the same way as my Nova and Atlantis do--need a few thick coats of clear to smooth out the glitter? If so, I can definitely feel the pain there.

Looks gorgeous on you. I love all of the glitters. I ordered all of them. I just couldn't help it. I'd ordered 5 before and then I read that they were all available on Head2Toe. I really was so bad. I can't wait till I get them all.

Gorgeous! Again, I'm jealous. Just read 2 posts in a row from you that have featured polishes that have gone on my list of wants! I don't think we'll ever get the China Glaze glitters over here though so all I can do is drool :)

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