Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 What is this, like, Brazilian multi-chrome polish week at DizzyNails?!  Maybe.
 I swatched my one and only Ludurana Aurora Boreal polish when I got done with the Mari Moons.  It just seemed appropriate.  This is called Show.  Pardon my lack of clean up.
 Show is very sheer and I used three coats here, shown over clear base coat, with no top coat.
 I would likely suffer four coats if I were to wear this as a mani.  Either that, or layer it over black or another dark color.
 So, it clearly says "Perfumado" on the bottle, yet, apparently I didn't bother to read that.  Ha!  I noticed it smelling rather powdery and perfume-y while taking these pictures.  I think the smell might possibly be annoying, but it's too soon to tell since I've only just swatched it and then took it right off.
I researched some pictures of Ludurana Aurora Boreals before carefully selecting just this one.  For once, I thought before I bought.  :)  Show is beautiful.  I don't know if I have a dupe or not, but honestly, I don't even care.  I'm happy to have it.
Here is a scary jaundiced looking picture taken under my Ikea desk lamp, where I paint my nails.  I wanted you to see how sparkly and awesome the tiny shimmers are.  Sparkly!  Awesome!  Yes!

8 dizzy comments:

Soooooo pretty. I love that last picture, the shimmers practically punch you in the face in the most pleasant way possible. Haha. The colour shift is stunning.

Super gorgeous too bad they do not sell them in the USA :-(

Wow!!! Speechless!

OMG this is gorgeous! Where do you get Ludarana's? Are they through Llarowe?

so sparkly and the color is really nice,,

a polish form my country, brasil!
this is a gorgeous polish, and i love these colors

Jossie - I ordered through Llarowe's site, which is U.S. based. :)

Pryanka - yes, I got it from Llarowe!

Julia Moreno - Brazil sure makes some stunning, gorgeous polishes!!

I love Ludurana Aurora Boreals SHOW. I have it on right now!

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