Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 These are Sally Hansen Salon Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in "Speed Dating."  These first two pictures were taken the morning after I applied them.
 The hearts have a cool gradient effect with red and orange.  It's subtle, but nice.  I was pleased with my fit and application.  I've picked up a few tricks having done these several times now!  :)
 This is the first time I have not used any top coat during the process of wearing these stickers.  Here, above and below, are the gratuitous pictures taken this morning, on the beginning of day seven!  I did buff them quickly with the Revlon Crazy Shine buffer, just to perk them up.
I have some tip wear, yes, some out-growth, yes, but they are still looking gosh darn good, I'd say!  While I have so many fantastical polishes I'm eager to wear, I will confess that it's been sweet not changing my polish at all this week.  What a nice break!  I plan on wearing these strips in the beginning of March when I take a week long trip to visit my grandparents.  Then I won't have to worry about packing polish and that sort of thing.  :)

8 dizzy comments:

i need to try this,,, i hope it will last me a week to,,, its so cute,,,

this is so cute!!

I love this design!


they are great!...its like foil or water sticker? or?

pass you up the versatile blogger award,, :)

I've never tried nail stickers - not yet anyway. I like the idea and the look of them, and will consider them next time I travel. :)

VERY Cool!!

euzefelus_27 - yeah, give them a shot! I bet that they would last you a week because I'm really hard on my nails and they do so well for me! Also, thanks so much for the award!! :D

MissMarta - they are like stickers in the shape of your nail. The sticker is made of real polish, somehow, that is dry. You just carefully apply it to your nail, smooth it out, and file off the excess on the free edge. No drying time! They are really cool and lots of brands make them in all sorts of designs! Make sure you get the ones that are polish, though, because there are some out there that are similar but are only made to stay on a day or two. I wouldn't want those kind myself.

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