Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 ...to bring you another NerdLacquer!  This is Cyance Friction.
 I used two easy coats, and topped it with two coats of Seche Vite.
 Let me just say that these pictures are taken all over the place in three different settings and types of light.  It's a complicated polish and I wanted to show it off as best I could.
 First off, you are probably seeing all the chunky glitter in the bottle and wondering where it is on my nail!
 Well, it's just one of those things.  I've seen other pictures of this polish where more chunky glitter came out to play.  Maybe it's just the way my bottle is mixed up right now.  In any case, I'm still head over heels for this polish (but yes, I too, would have liked to have seen more chunkiness!).
 This polish is interesting because of the mix of green and blue.  On me, it looked more green than blue most times.
 I fear my pictures may be misleading as they seem to pull more blue.
 No matter...it's such a jaw droppingly pretty polish!  I highly, highly recommend getting this one.
Do you love it?

12 dizzy comments:

That is AMAZING. I love the duochrome shimmer!!!

I do! It is gorgeous...actually love all of the Nerd Lacquer polishes I have seen! But I love my blues and greens most of all! Plus 2 coat lovely coverage! WOW!

This is gorgeous, even without the glitter showing up! I really like it.

Wow! This is beautiful!~ I need it!

I think I'll order this one!

I only picked up ONE bottle of NerdLacquer this last time she opened...and this is it! These pictures have definitely convinced me that I made the right choice :D

geez this is one HECK of a polish! will definitely be looking into this one once i'm over my no buy!

Love your first pic of it. Gorgeous!! :)

omg!!! i need to have this!

rmcandlelight - thanks!! Sometimes those pictures taken in my bathroom lighting turn out the most interesting! :D

I love the base colour (less the big glitters)!

The blue is very pretty but add shimmer and large hexi glitters and you've got a winner.

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