Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Here are swatches of the Hits Mari Moon called Daring.
 Here I'm wearing it over a clear base coat with two coats of polish and no top coat.  For a manicure, I would want three coats of polish or to wear this layered over black.
 Daring is very delicate and soft, which I find to be somewhat ironic.  I keep thinking, this color is not so daring!
 It looks brush-strokey here and I apologize for a hasty application coupled with a wonky brush (yes, I trimmed it, like all the others).  I'm not sure that this color can be completely without stroke marks.
It's a dainty and pretty color.  I can't say that I don't like it!

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Very pretty, very dainty...you are SO correct. Name is sort of weird for the color :0)I love how the Mari Moon polishes look...if you have any more, could you swatch them?

Gottwinkies - :) I do have more, not to worry! I have the swatches done and the posts are scheduled through Sunday...so stay tuned for more! I have all eight Mari Moons. :D

*_* I love it

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