Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I recently wore this combination:  NerdLacquer I Aim to Misbehave with Lynnderella Liquid Valentine.
 I started with two coats of I Aim to Misbehave.  Then I added one coat of Lynnderella's Liquid Valentine.

 I had a horrible time using Glitter Tamer (which has happened to me before), so I ultimately did not wear this for long at all.  As it was drying more fully, there were very noticeable streak marks.  :(
 I'm not exactly sure why this happens and why only sometimes, but I know I am not alone in finding Glitter Tamer very tricky to work with.  It is awesome for lots of people, though, so I'm not knocking it.  I just think for my own sanity, I should be using it much less (if at all!).
 At least I managed to get these beautiful pictures before everything went yucko!  :)  I think the two polishes looked so perfect together.
 Here are some indoor pictures of I Aim to Misbehave all by itself, two coats with top coat.  It's a top coat hungry glitter, but so ridiculously pretty and complex.  The thing that surprised me about this one is how it's amazingly complicated and enchanting to look at yet so seemingly simple, all at the same time!
 Just look at everything going on in that bottle.  It's a crazy mess of wonderful glitters and shimmers.  I think it ends up looking slightly more plummy on the nail where it seems a bit more maroon in the bottle.
It's absolutely lovely to look at and wear.  I highly recommend NerdLacquer!  Color me obsessed.  I must continue to have them all.

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oh. my. god. Gorgeous Lauren!

These are gorgeous polishes and they look great together! I have a lot of Nerd Lacquers that I want in the future. Same for Lynnderella.

Very pretty mani...

Hey, are you going to the beauty bloggers meetup in Orlando in March? If you haven't heard let me know and I'll tell you the details.

I love this combo! The purple really suckered me in, cause I'm not a fan of the conventional red and pink for Valentine's! Hope you had an excellent one btw (:

Love your layering! I like those random hearts in there, I usually don't like polishes with hearts or stars, but it totally works with this mani. Very Valentinesy!

Oh I have to try Nerd Lacquer!! XD
This combinations is gorgeous!! :D

this is crazy gorgeous! i lovelovelove it, the base and the lynnderella just look amazing together

This manicure looks yummy! I have a bottle of heart glitter by maybellene but it's a huge pain to apply and fish out those heart glitters >.>

HAWT AND Pretty!!

what a gorgeous combination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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