Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I started with two coats of OPI Save Me.  Then I added a coat of Lynnderella Boy-Girl Party, because, why the heck not?!
 Well, let me go back...because after Save Me, I used a coat of Glitter Tamer and a coat of Poshe.
 Then, a coat of Boy-Girl Party, followed by another coat of Glitter Tamer and Poshe.  It was actually quite smooth!
 It reminds me of fireworks and New Year's, which is not very creative thinking on my part.  My friend at work told me that it reminded her of "unicorn-ness," or something like that.  I was thrilled and much prefer her idea!  We both reminisced about loving unicorns, Rainbow Brite, and Punky Brewster as little kids.
This last picture is probably my favorite.  I wore this for a just over two glorious days and I was sad to take it off last night (it started chipping).  And you know what else?  Removal with my beloved scrubby tub was shockingly NOT atrocious or hard!  Major win!

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Love this combo!

this is fantastic!!!! i can't stop staring O___O i'd be so rude in person LOL. whats a scrubby tub? it sounds like something i need :O

Your nails look so gorgeous! The colours remind me of the circus, so vibrant and fun!
Does layering on different polishes damage your nails? x

I'm seriously in love with this combination of glitters! It's super fun, girly, crazy, and colorful.

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Wendy - thank you!

The Sneakerette - ha ha! I would be flattered, so no problem there. :) The scrubby tub is my preferred method of polish removal (especially since I'm notorious for wearing tons of glitter). I get it at Target and seriously can't live without it. It's a pot/tub with plastic spikes and acetone inside...hard to explain. You can see pics of it on my "Basics" post here: http://www.dizzynails.com/2011/04/basics.html (second and third picture). You can add extra remover to the tub once it starts getting old and the acetone level gets lower - that extends the life a bit. I go through one tub about every two weeks or so. YOU DEFINITELY NEED IT IN YOUR LIFE!! :)

rachelduncliffe - thank you so very much! I love the circus idea! I don't find layering to be damaging to my nails, no. They are pretty healthy, thankfully. The biggest thing that helps my nails is taking 5 mg of Biotin supplement a day. They grow so much faster now, which really helps them stay healthy.

Melissa - thank you! I did it on a whim and it totally paid off! :)

great combo! so sparkly!

geez that scrubby tub looks SO freaking scary, like an alien that would eat up your fingers O___O but anyway, thanks for giving me the heads up on that! i love using glitters too, so i'll probably pick one up today ^___^

The Sneakerette - ha ha! Fear not the scrubby tub, for it shall be your best ever friend! Let me know what you think. :)

wahahah for sureee (: i went to target last night and bought all 3 of the scrubby tubs left! :D you always have MADDDDD glitter nails though, so i'm quite confident that it'll do the trick ^___^ hope i don't jinx it for myself :O

I absolutely LOVE this! And the best part is I have Save Me an just ordered Boy Girl Party! I am totally gonna rock this ASAP!!

This combo is outrageously gorgeous and fun. It's like a glitter pinata exploded and you got this gloriousness. Thanks so much for sharing.

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