Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Holy lobster fingers, Batman!  This is three coats of Hits Mari Moon Trendy.  Just like the others, I swatched this over a clear base coat and did not use top coat.
 I rushed the application on this one, hence the few little bubbles that you see.  Also, mind your brush strokes on this one.  It's not easy with the wonk-tastic brush.
 This is a pretty clear dupe to Ozotic Pro 507 - or at least, this is what I'm thinking without having compared them side by side.  Would you agree?
It's glowy, metallic, and quite an attention grabber!  Stay tuned....there are still a few more on the way!

4 dizzy comments:

very very pretty! i like that theres a lot of yellow to this one, it looks so cheery!
what are you using to edit your pictures? or do you edit them at all? i use adobe lightroom for all of mine, and there's a feature that lets you change the saturation of certain colors. i never get lobster hands in person, but the way some colors photograph make my skin color look WAY off. when that happens, i use lightroom to lower the saturation of red (or orange, whatever weird color my skin looks lol), so that my skin looks truer to its actual color. not sure if you knew or were interested, but i thought i'd share since i personally get super frustrated when my pics don't come out right!

The Sneakerette - thank you! I use iPhoto. It's not great or anything. Sometimes I'll tweak the colors a little if I feel it looks really ridiculous, but most of the time I don't. As long as the polish is photographing true to color (or close to), I don't mind lookin' like a lobster. Ha! I may take a look into Lightroom. Thanks so much for the rec!!

Also a dupe for an opi in the spiderman collection

SamNW92 - it's a very close cousin, for sure! Not a dead-on dupe, best I can tell, but really similar. Trendy seems to pop more in color tones and boldness but is also more frosty and, dare I say, streaky than Just Spotted the Lizard. JStL also has that metallic shimmer going on when the light hits it right.

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