Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is two coats of Cutie Pie, shown over a clear base coat with no top coat.
 Are you wondering what the heck Mari Moon means, like I am?  Well, apparently it's the stage name of a VJ on Brazilian MTV!  It looks like Mariana sells clothes, has vibrantly colored hair, and that the actual name "Mari Moon" was inspired by the Japanese Sailor Moon.  Cool!
 To my dear Brazilian readers, feel free to add any pertinent or fun information in the comments!  :)
 Cutie Pie is just lovely.  Blue, pink, and purple make me swoon.
Again, I would probably opt for three coats or to layer this over black for an actual manicure.  It looks just fine at two coats for these quick swatch pics, though.  Another beautiful Mari Moon awaits you tomorrow!

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pretty color!

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