Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

....and I hate it right back!! Ugh. This is MAC Biker Blue. I just HAD to have it, even though I'm certain I have dupes. I did three coats here.

It was surprisingly sheer.

A couple of terrific gals on MUA suggested that I layer Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure over it.

I did, and here is the result.

There were some very scary sore looking cuticle spots that I tried to blur out for your viewing comfort. :/

But here is why MAC polish hates me! It started lifting at the corners, in a major way, in less than 24 hours of wear (even with my new-found love base coat, Palladio Fuse)! What the H?!

I should have known. This happened to me with the last MAC polish I wore, Bad Fairy.

I guess I thought with the new awesome-sauce base coat, it might just act right.

Not so much. It's a bummer, too, because it was a fun mani and I'm sad I only got to wear it for a day. Ah well....onto bigger and better things (I hope!). :)

4 dizzy comments:

That's so sad because it really is beautiful. This may not apply since it's polish specific but wiping your nail with some rubbing alcohol before applying it helps. It removes any trace amounts of oil that can cause the polish to not adhere properly.

anita - thank you for the tip! I don't do that but maybe I should try. Normally I either apply my base right after having used remover (Zoya Remove Plus or straight acetone) or right after having washed and scrubbed my nails with Bath and Body Works Antibacterial soap. Perhaps that would help! :)

The MAC polish itself is already so pretty, and ABSOLUTELY AMAZING with HT on top! AHHHH-MAZING!

I love it, Hidden Treasure really takes it to another level! Like :)

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