Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

This is Zoya Roxy. I used three coats.

As I applied it, it quite reminded me of a cross between red and black raspberry jam! Yummy.

My first and second coat I was a little unsure of the color, to be honest, but by the third it was awesome and mega gorgeous.

This was meant to be underwear for Clarins 230. I have been expecting it in the mail for nearly a week now but am having all sorts of problems with the post office (long, boring story).

Needless to say, I should be able to pick up my 230 after work tomorrow. *le sigh*

I don't know that Roxy will make it until then - or I should say that by the time I'm poised to apply 230 Roxy might be a little banged up. But we'll see! Maybe it will be fine. If not, I can always reapply Roxy. :) Or maybe I'll think of some other really great underwear.

6 dizzy comments:

This is gorgeous!

Roxy looks so lovely! I think I'll try mine out soon! :)

Wow, it does looks like jam! Very pretty! Now I want this...

Ooh this is very stunning! I need to add this one to my wishlist

Nice colour.

Love it. It's gorgeous :)

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