Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Here is another Bieber polish for you. Two coats of My Lifesaver.

I didn't do as great of a job on my application with the mega brush, this time around.

I like this color. I know it's been done a lot lately, but it's the first time I've worn one just like this.

It just feels fresh, cool, and calm to me.

I'm thinking I might layer something over top of it tomorrow. So many ideas of what that might be!!

What do you think of this color?

I hope everyone has a good Friday. I don't know about you, but I cannot wait for the weekend to come!

9 dizzy comments:

I want a polish like that, i have none x)

I love colors like these! But for some reason I seldom wear them.. could be that I find it harder to match my clothing with it.

LadyLuck - I hope you find one!

roxcat - me, too! I can understand this. Today I wore gray pants, a red satin tank, and a lighter gray cable knit hoodie with black flats. I kind of thought to myself, gee, not sure if my polish fits this outfit very well!

I just came across your blog from a coworker of yours :)
I had been in Orlando with some friends, so I said "we must go to the mall and get some nailpolish" Well, I didn't end up buying anything, but while I was talking to the guy he was showing me all the polishes and was trying to help but I was just like "eh, nothing I don't already have". So he said that you would be fun to talk to and that you had a nail blog...

I love your blog, and I love all the layering you do, it's a great way to stop being bored with the colors you own I think!

Danica - that is so cool! I wish I had been there to meet you and talk polish. I'm guessing you met/talked to Jaysen? ;) I'm so glad that you like my blog. :D

i want that polish!!!:)
love your blog, we can follow each other:


I don't know who it was, probably one of the only males? He told me you made a European polish list for him when he went across seas - I just nodded like crazy when he said "I guess they have different nailpolish over there". lmbo. When I make my way back up there I'll have to look out for ya!

Danica - ha ha...yes, there are five males now. Can you even believe that?! It was Jaysen (I asked him about it yesterday). :) He said you have a nail blog, too! That rocks. I'm going to click on your screen name and hopefully that will take me to it. I hope to see you someday, sounds great!

Awww, I'm glad he remembered me, lol! Thanks for coming by my blog.

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