Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

This is Orly Royal Velvet. I used three coats here. It is a majestic, flashy, duochrome blurple.

No problems with application.

I absolutely adore this color. It's just perfect.

The duochrome seems to really come out the most in artificial lighting, oddly enough. I took some pictures in my bathroom lighting that you will see soon, below.

Recently my husband looked at my blog and remarked that I post too many pictures of the polish. He said I only need one or two.

Oh, good Husband, I need lots of pictures because they are all so pretty!! ;)

Maybe someday there will be a Mr. Dr. DizzyNails blog and he will just put one or two pictures up per post.

Let's all stay tuned for that!

I have to say that I had a really good nail polish day. I found the new Target Nicole by OPIs!

I was so excited and bought all the ones I wanted (which was nearly all of them).

In fact, I just put on Sea How Far You Go and that will be my next post.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

10 dizzy comments:

This looked so blah to me when I saw it in Sally's. I guess I'll have to go back because your pictures are making me want it!

I like all the pictures - keep up the good work! Now I want that blurple polish. I've really been into my Orly polishes lately.

My favorite pics are 6 and 7! This was my mani a few weeks ago and I describe it as the quintessential blurple and yes it is "just perfect". Thanks for ALL of you pics. :)

Wow, just gorgeous. And you did a great job at capturing all the facets of this polish

You did fabulous pictures of this beauty! Wow!


Gorgeous polish!

Very prett, going right on my lemming list! You do gorgeous posts!

So beautiful!


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