Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I'm fairly excited to share this manicure with you. I'm my first every half-moon mani!

It's two coats of Illamasqua Milf with two coats of Shades by Barielle Blossom.

I have to thank my awesome coworker, Jaysen, for the idea on this one. You rock! Maybe a week or so ago he suggested I do a Make Up For Ever Spring 2011 inspired half-moon manicure. They have two new star powders in a soft lime and peach. You can see them here. I have them both and they are absolutely gorgeous!

In any case, I intended to do this using reinforcement stickers but encountered many snafus along the way. Long boring story. I got impatient and decided to freehand them.

They aren't as perfect as I would have liked, but for my first time and all I think I did pretty good. :) I also had planned to put a coat of a shimmery peach Lancome polish over Blossom, but by the time I got done with my second coat of Blossom (which was thick and a bit tricky), I thought, good grief, let's be done with this.

It's a good thing, too, because it took forEVER to dry completely!!

I would like to try more half-moon manis in the future, but I don't know how motivated I will be to actually do it. Maybe I'll keep it tucked away for special occasions or just if I get bored with the same ol' same ol'.

I like that it's just really interesting, visually.

Have you tried it? What did you think?

The whole process really makes you think about what polishes you have that have amazing coverage in just one coat!

As a last thought, I tried layering Palladio Fuse first, then a coat of Gelous, and then all the polishes. Didn't work out too well over all. I ended up removing it earlier tonight after only one day of wear. I bumped two corners of my thumbs at work and they chipped pretty badly. :( I may eventually decided to just use the Fuse by itself and resign myself to wicked staining.

Good news is that I put on Orly Royal Velvet and I really love it! :D

9 dizzy comments:

It looks awesome! I love those colours together :)

I love half moon manicures, and this colors combination its just perfect,

Oh that's really cute! I love how cheery it is!

What an adorable color combo! Reminds me of warm weather. This would be great for sitting at the beach. :)

So sweet and pretty! I always think pink and green look nice together~

Great colors! Reminds me of sherbet!

I love how this came out! I adore a peach/green color combination. So pretty!

Nice Moons Dude! Love the color combo!!!

That's cute, I love the colour combo

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