Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Last night I was debating what green to put on. I have a couple of new Nicole greens that are nice. I have lots of lovely Illamasqua greens. OPI. I thought it would be nice to wear TiNS again, though.

And it is nice. So nice. I heart TiNS!!!!!

This is The Holiday Cheer. Only two coats!

It's wearing great on me so far, as I've come to expect it to do. :) I should be able to get at least another day or two out of it.

Anyone else rocking out green and glitter right now?


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I have the LA Girl Disco Brite polish in Turntable on underneath Wet n Wild Wild Shine polish in Hallucinate. It's such a pretty combo with a subtle but noticeable glitter.

Sarah - that sounds awesome!!

Seriously??? Only two coats of the ONE polish???? That is so amazing. Where do you buy TiNS?

Woah, you would have to be blind not to see that. I don't own any Tins, I'll have to get my hands on some soon, because this is stunning. I do love how glitters last, they can be rock hard, I don't mind the removal process so much! Happy St. Patty's Day!

I love every single lacquer youy show by Tins. Where do you get those?

So sparkly and pretty...it's almost blinding. :)

this is amazing!

Thank you to everyone who has commented! :)

I ordered all of my TiNS polishes from a site called Doll Up Nails. I believe the seller is located in Singapore. You can find it at www.dollupnails.com

Mmmm Hmmm! Did I help pick this one!? I LOVE it!!!!!!

Anonymous - you fo sho did!!! :D Great choice!

Thanks dawg!

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