Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Right now I'm wearing three coats of Anna Sui 904.
 Her polishes are now in new dress bottles!  They are super cute (and also 2 mL smaller than the old rose bottles).
 Sorry about the picture above being blurry - I just wanted to show you how it looks in lower lighting.  It's very dark, but does still look green.
 This color has some awesome blue and green shimmer in it!
 It applied very nicely and was almost a two-coater, but needed the third to even out everything.  I got a little shrink at my tips, I think because I paired the wrong top coats together (Orly In a Snap and Seche Vite).
The polishes still smell like roses, yes.  I ordered this and others off of Urban Outfitter's website.

12 dizzy comments:

What a pretty bottle. :)
I think it's a shame that there's less polish in it, though.

I love the bottle! plus, this shade is gorgeous.. I love a blackened anything haha.

Very pretty color and I love the bottle!!

I ordered these last week and thanks for reminding me! Tracking says forest green, pink glitter and pearl should arrive today. I have never tried Anna Sui nail lacquer before. I couldn't resist those new bottles, so I hope I'm not disappointed. I also noticed that orders placed now have a longer return option for the holidays so I don't feel rushed to take them back should I not like them. What other ones did you order?

Cute bottle! :) Pretty color! It looks nice on you! :)

The bottle is so adorable!

very nice polish!

What a nice green!
Girl, I wish I had your nail beds:)

Rainbowify Me - I completely agree!

SeeSarahSwatch - me, too! I like that it's still distinctly green, though.

pullstrings - I kinda went nuts...and got them all. Sounds like you probably ordered this one! I hope you end up liking them. :)

Millie - thank you so much!!

So pretty and love the bottle!

Dizzle! LOVE yer new dress!

Such a pretty bottle! I'm so happy that there is still a rose incorporated into the design though (I love roses!). :D I'm so excited to take a look at the new selection of polishes on Urban Outfitter's site!

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