Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is two coats of OPI Visions of Sugarplum.
 It's a vampy, utterly delicious, deep purple with iridescent shimmer.
 I'd say it's glass-flecked shimmer; smaller particles than most, but still looks like it to me!
 This kind of color just plain makes me want to smile.  I'm so happy wearing it!!
 I was actually debating whether or not to layer something over it, but I couldn't bear to do it.  It's just too darn pretty on its own.
It's not actually duochrome, no, but I think the sky is reflecting in my nails above.  Still a cool picture!

Millie, you know I hope you get yours SOON!  And thanks so much for being the catalyst behind me getting this amazing polish!

I ordered this off of Amazon recently.

8 dizzy comments:

omg i have this too and i just tried it out recently. It's gorgeous ain't it?!

dude thats HOT!

This is really pretty on you!!!:3

Awesomesauce!!! :D I love this so much! Such a beautiful color and finish! <3

What a pretty purple. I love it!

Absolutely beautiful! Love it so much. Your swatches are making me impatient;)

Hi, I have been looking at your blog and I love it! But I haven't read every single post and I am wondering if somewhere on here you give tips on how you do your nails so perfect?? How do you not get bubbles or the occasional smudge?! And how is your line near the cuticle so perfect? I am in awe :)

HeatherSassy - hello and welcome!! You can check out my post on "basics," and that should give you some of the info you are looking for. I've since starting using a different clean-up method, which involves using the ELF brand concealer brush dipped in pure acetone to get the straight line/gap near my cuticle. I do still get bubbles sometimes and smudges, too, but fortunately not so often. It's all practice and patience, I think. :) Here is the link to the "basics" post:

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