Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Here I have started with two coats of Zoya Noel.
 Noel applied well and dried relatively fast.
 Next, I added a coat of OPI Gone Gonzo!  It's my first time wearing one of my Muppets polishes.  Hooray!
 My friend at work, Megan, helped me to get the Muppets polishes.  It was quite the fiasco, too!  Thanks SO MUCH Megan!  :)
What's not to love about  blue glittery goodness?  This mani does remind me a bit of this one, from around a year ago.  Don't ya think?
I have to say that I am one happy glittery gal this year.  There are just so many ridicumazing (yeah, I just tried to make a new word there) glitter polishes available!!  Long live the glittah!!

On the business end, I have decided to accept an invitation to join the BlogHer network.  You may have noticed the new advertising.  I hope that this will be a move in the right direction for me and I do want to again thank all of you, my dear readers, for even making this a possibility!  I am ever grateful to each of you for coming to DizzyNails and supporting my passion and hard work.  Thanks a million!!

13 dizzy comments:

How many coats of Noel did u use?=)
I really like how it turned on you!!

Boarbb - hi! Two coats of Noel! Then one coat of Gonzo. Thank you!!

Geeeez this looks AWESOME! It made me think of one of the WnW Ice Baby swatches you did a while back... because the turquoise blue one was my favorite ^___^ This confirms that I have a secret fetish for turquoisey blue glitters O____O

Great combo!!
I love it!

This is a beautiful combination. I think that I am going to try Gone Gonzo over my all time fave Zoya polish, Crystal. I love the idea of silver and gold, together. :D

Oooh, that looks so *good*!

looks great! will you still be posting on your own blog too though? I love the format here.

Anonymous - thank you! Yes, I will still be posting here, just like normal. The only change really is the advertisement you see on the right and that I'm part of their network of blogs. :)

Lovely blog :) xx
A new follower from www.sunniewrites.blogspot.com, would love if your follow me back on my blog too <3 <3 <3 xxx

Hey there!
I've nominated you for a blog award! I really enjoy reading your blog. In fact, you actually inspired me to try my first tape mani after seeing your independence day one. I think you deserve the award!

Beautiful! =)

I am loving this ridicumazing glittery year also! :D

I love that blue glitter! gorgeous!

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