Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This blessed manicure wore for three wonderful days!
 I used two coats of a-england Galahad and then two coats of Lynnderella Connect the Dots.
 I think I had a some tiny bubbles, but honestly I didn't even care because they blended in with the delicate shimmer particles.
 I really adore how this turned out.
 I know I stole the base color idea from a friend on the nail board (I can't remember exactly who, so speak up if it's you!).  I saw it a long time ago and it stuck out in my head as awesome.
 Also, I've been wanting to use this Lynnderella polish for some time now but was feeling unsure of exactly what to put under it.  I think probably everything would look good under it, but I wanted it to be nothing short of spectacular.
 Here's how my right hand turned out.  I think I may like it a little better, but both looked great really.  Check out the black glitter over the white glitter on my middle finger!  That's my favorite part.  :)
If you haven't heard of Lynnderella polishes, you can check out her blog here.

14 dizzy comments:

waoh, love the topcoat! really awesome *___*

I love it so much!!! Connect the Dots is so fantastic, and it looks amazing over Galahad. Great choice!

MuhSchu - isn't is unbelievably cool?!

GothamPolish - me, too!!! One of the best ideas I happily borrowed! :D

I want Connect the Dots! It's so fun. Love it.

It looks awesome!!! I love these Lynderella polishes, but this one is my fav (ok, maybe a tie with Snow Angel...:)). Such a nice combination you picked.

I'm so jealous of seeing everyone's Connect The Dots mani! Haha, I need to get myself a bottle next time its available. It looks very lovely over a baby blue base! :)

wow, so beautiful! I LOVE both polihes!

Whoooaaaa! that is wild dude!

This is really pretty :)!!!

That might have been me! Ooh I'm glad someone tried this combo out! :D It looks wayyyyy better on you, though! I love it!

And I totally got bubbles on mine too, but I chalked that up to a gloppy Gelous & SH ID (which is the worst top coat on me now...) I don't notice any bubbles on your nails, don't worry ;D

TopCoatIt - yes! I hope you can get it. It's awesome.

Mnemo - thank you! I sure love them, too. They make me mega happy. I'm not sure I could pick a fave...yeah, no, I cannot, but Connect the Dots is extremely awesome for sure.

Pauline - you gotta get it!!

Nailderella - thank you so much!

Anon - totally!

Boarbb - thank you! :)

elbee - thanks a million, then! I so loved these together. :D Yeah, sometimes I think glitters with lots of different things going on in them are more prone to bubbling to begin with. I couldn't get into SH ID, myself. It never got completely hard for me and would scratch up so easily! Thanks so much for your comment.

That Milani is lovely! I love the final mercurial mani, too!

Dude. That is so incredibly amazingly awesome!!! LOVE that mani!!! <3

Connect the Dots is one of my lemmings! Love the mani!!

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