Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Check it out!
 This is one coat of Ozotic Pro 507 shown over black.
 It's so glowly, metallic, gorgeous!
 It's mainly an electric, hot, chartreuse green.
 It also leans to a yellow gold, lush green, almost blue-green, and then that rusty bronze that I'm really loving!
 I had to be careful with my application as it could easily be filled with brush strokes.
 It's a fun look and these nails definitely scream out for attention!
Better than Peridot?  You decide.  It's louder, that's for sure!

12 dizzy comments:

OMG that's gorgeous! I can't believe how many colors it has :O

I saw this on another blog today as well, and now I want it even more! So gorgeous! Ozotic really is a fantastic brand, just wish they weren't so expensive! The mutli-chromes are definitely worth it though =)

niceeeee! it's like a more vibrant version of peridot :D

wow !!!!!!this color is amazing!!

I have this on its way to me right now... can't wait to get it in the mail!

super pretty! Yeah, it seems better than peridot!

Those are some of the nicest pics I've seen of this one (especially the sunlight ones). This polish is growing on me:)

Wow, it's hypnotizing :)

Beautiful color!! Where can i find Ozotic polishes in stores?

leann-fishy - I haven't seen them in stores, myself. It's an Australian brand, so my guess is you're only going to see them in stores in Australia. You can order them from llarowe's shop online, though, which is based out of Colorado. I hope this helps!

Holy H Diz! Thats like a psychedelic alligator! Awesome!

WOAH! This is such a rad polish! I'd love to have this in my collection. I picked up another dupe for Peridot here in Sweden, but it's not nearly as vibrant as this one! Hope to find some online store for this - thanks so much for swatching it!

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