Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I've been wearing this mani since Thanksgiving.  I hope that everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving Day, for those that observe it.  I enjoyed time with close family and super excellent and most delicious food!  Here I started with one coat of Cult Nails Time Traveler, seen in the bottle above and below.
 Time Traveler is wonderful!  Just be careful because clean up is not easy on this one.  It's uber pigmented and wants to stain everything it touches.
 Then I added two coats of Clairvoyant, the polish formerly known as (and the name I much prefer,) Unicorn Puke!
 What I failed to do in taking these hurried pictures before leaving the house for Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday is really capture that gorgeous yellowy-green ethereal glow that it takes on at just the right angles.
This is entirely magical.  My mother said that it's her favorite mani of all time!  I think that discredits quite a few awesome ones, but hey, I'll let her be.  Also, this slightly reminds me of a kamikaze flakie layering experiment I did quite a long time ago over a dark blue.  I used three or four different Nfu-Oh flakies and the result was somewhat similar!  They both remind me a lot of really cool, abstract stained glass.  And using Unicorn Puke...Clairvoyant...whichever, is much easier than many different separate polishes to get the same awesome result!

It also must be noted that I'm getting really good wear out of this mani.  I just put on a refresher top coat today (which I rarely ever use) because one corner started lifting a bit, but other than that, it looks perfect after three plus days.  Hooray!

17 dizzy comments:

My eyeballs just fell out, rolled across the floor, returned and slapped me silly. Golly, that's gorgeous.

I have my greedy eyes on Time Traveler and Clairvoyant. (Personally, I like the name Unicorn Puke, better. :D) I will own them. I will!

Waaaaaaooooow this is mad awesome. I can't stop staring at all the pretty flakies on your nails!!!!

Best swatches I have seen of this beauty!

nice nails :)
Hello :)
Are you intrested in i-swap? If you are - pls write to me - julia.r.wasielewska@onet.pl

I want this one soooo bad! It´s so awesome!!

I definitely need this polish in my life. It's so pretty!

Wow, this is absolutely awesome! I'd definitely wear the unicorn puke, haha! Great mani! :)

Gorgeous combo! I have Unicorn Puke on my list!

This is the exact same mani I wore on Thanksgiving! I only took it off because the day after my Deborah Lippmann Edge Of Glory set arrived in the mail. But, I have this back on my nails for now.

O.O Man, that is serious awesomesauce!!!

wow sooo pretty :D!!!!!My mom doesnt have much feeling about my nail polish collection!I wish she has tho!!:3 and she is too lazy to remove glitter polishes.
This one looks really pretty on you!!

I Adore flakies, and this looks amazing over the blue! Great mani!

Friend, These are ridiculous pretty and remind me of tropical fish and the sea. Love you!

This is absoloutley the most beautiful mani EVER. you make me NEED (not want, NEED) clairvoyant. I can't wait for it to be back in stock! Thank you for sharing!

Ice Queen - you seriously cracked my sh*t up!! :D I'm glad you like it! Yeah, let's you and I just agree to call it Unicorn Puke.

Nailderella - thank you!

The Sneakerette - it's definitely mesmerizing! I think this one is a must have.

nicnacksnails - woah, thank you so much! That really means a lot to me!

Julia Natalia - thank you! I'll definitely take it into consideration and let you know if I am interested.

Miranda - oh you just gotta get it! I hope you can, soon!

Melissa - without a doubt. Imagine all the possibilities for layering gorgeousness!

alice snow - yay! Another win for Unicorn Puke! ;)

PadgettFarm - thanks! I do not think you will be disappointed.

Crystal Valentine-Burhans - right on!!! I wonder how many of us wore that mani for T-day? Probably quite a few, based on what I gather. They just begged to be worn together, don't you think? Great combo, for sure. I hope you enjoy wearing it again and again (if you chose)! :D

I Drink Nail Polish - many thanks!

Boarbb - yeah, sometimes my mom doesn't love all of my choices for polish. I do think my interest has gotten her slightly more interested in polish, though. Sometimes we'll buy it together or I'll remind her not to buy one because I have the same one or something similar that I can loan her! Like your mom, she doesn't do glitter, either. I think she'd feel too showy, if you know what I mean. Plus, she's a little shy about her very short nails. I'm trying to help encourage her to take better care of them!

Gottwinkies - thank you! Flakies are pure magic, I'm pretty sure. I hope there will be more great flakie polishes coming out in the future!

Anonymous - oooo I like that thought! I like tropical fish, too, of course. Thank you!! <3

glitznglam - well, I thank you so much for your assured comment! :) I do hope that you are able to get it very, very soon, for it's sure to give you lots of delight!! I'm so happy I could share this with you!

SO beautiful! I'm so mad at myself for having Clairvoyant in my cart for too long & by the time I was done, it was sold out :( Can't wait for it to restock!

I love the flakies!

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