Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I recently found a cute "mini" bottle of polish at the Lancome counter! It's called Le Gris L'Wren and I started here with two coats.

It was rather thick, but I made it work and it applied pretty well.

It's like a thick, opaque creme with a fine metallic shimmer.

I really like the color of Le Gris L'Wren, but feel it's begging to be covered in glitter!

I covered it with one coat of Lippmann Today Was A Fairytale.

The two are pretty much meant for each other!

The Lippmann supposedly has micro diamond dust in it or something. All I know is it's really pretty!

The glitters all dispersed themselves very even across the nail.

Another winning glitter by Lippmann in my book!

3 dizzy comments:

What a beautiful combination. Is the Lancome new? I have seen it nowhere else.

jaljen - Thank you! It is new-ish. I found it maybe in October? I think it was part of a Fall collection. I got it at Nordstrom.

Gorgeous combo!

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