Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I got a pa haul in the mail yesterday. HOO-ray! I am so excited! I had a bit of a dilemma deciding which to wear first, but rather easily settled on this perfect beauty.

This was just two coats! It applied nicely, and I do believe I heard angels singing in the background while the glitter flowed onto my nails.

This is purple, silver (several sizes), and blue glitter all in a blue jelly base. Holy hotness!

My pictures aren't accurate because the purple isn't showing as much as it does in real life. Can you tell it's there?

I really love this one.

So, I decided I need to get nail wheels so I can quickly and easily swatch all my new pretty glitters. I don't have the guts to swatch them all on my own nails and then remove all that glitter!

8 dizzy comments:

where did you get these? ive searching for an etailer that sells them ad only found one.

anna, I got them off Cosme Land USA. My first and only experience with them, but I have nothing but good things to say! :)

estou desejando loucamente.


Beautiful mani!! Right down a list now :D

Amazing! :drools:

drooling . . . . starring . . . . licking my lips . . . . I'll stop there and save the rest of the unsavory details. Simply put GORGEOUS!!!!! Must have!!!!! and one more "!" for good measure :)

I love PA! I got my first two recently from Cosmeland USA :D

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