Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

This is two coats of Milani Silver Dazzle. It's one from their latest collection of, I believe, seven glitters. I got them all, of course!

I took tons of pictures - couldn't help myself. It's just so stunning and pretty.

I managed to grab a bottle that does not have the writing on the front for some quirky reason. It should say Milani and One Coat Glitter or something like that.

You could nearly get away with one coat, but I find it easiest to just do two with these. One left it looking ever so slightly patchy around the edges.

They are all pretty easy to apply, despite being really thick in texture.

I have to angrily shake my finger at Milani because on the back label it tells users to simply add a bit of nail polish remover when the polish gets too thick. !!! REALLY?!?!

For anyone that might not already know - you don't want to do that. Get yourself some nail polish thinner (easily found at nail supply stores) and add anywhere from 5-15 drops, depending on how thick the polish is.

Back to Silver Dazzle. Love it with big, giant hearts! It's so unique and gorgeous. The silver sparkles like magic stars in a night sky.

It looks ridiculously amazing in all types of lighting!

Get these, people, get these. All of them. Quickly. :)

7 dizzy comments:

Whaaa this is great! I need them I need them ;)

Amazing colour and thank you for the trick!!

Holy cow! This is more bling-tastic than my today's mani :D

Wheeeeeere where can I grab these onlineeeee? *screams*
such a terrific beauty!!

Daria - I have heard rumors that they will be available online at some point, I believe through Milani's website. I know Cherryculture also stocks Milani, so you could check there. Good luck!!

WOO!! I have this exact polish and I haven't used it yet - now I can't wait to use it - this will be perfect for New Years :) Thanks for sharing! Love your Blog btw!!

This one is my favorite!

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