Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

This is three coats of BB Couture for Nails Eve. It's a groovy brownish olive with a pink duochrome.

I absolutely love all the little green glitters and shimmer.

And while I do not think this is one of my best colors in terms of skin tone, I still love it! I'm not one to care too much about that. I just wish it looked more flattering on me because it's so amazing.

It reminds me a little of $OPI 212 with it's murky swampy sparkliness.

Like most BBs, it applied marvelously.

I really love my BB Couture for Nails collection. They have some amazing colors, finishes, and the formula is great.

4 dizzy comments:

Yep, I have this on my LH today and I adore it.

Looks stunning on you!

i am wearing BB poison ivey topped with BB diamond dust and it is sparkly green holiday gooness. eve looks lovely. BB sure rocks

This really is groovy! :D

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