Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Here is quick Saturday post for you all! Savina Charcoal Sparkle, which I got at Nordstrom Off the Rack.

I did three coats.

It looked so promising in the bottle, but didn't translate quite so well on the nail.

Perhaps if I had taken a pad with polish remover and gently swiped the tops of the nails then the glitter would have been more holo-tastic (I have yet to try this technique but hear it works wonders on polishes with hidden or sunken glitter).

It's still pretty, though, and in some lighting it looks marvelous!

The metallic, streaky, frostiness is another issue.

Applied carefully, you don't see many strokes.

I think I was hoping for awesome My-Private-Jet-ness on this one, which is my problem for even going there! It's still a pretty polish for 3 or 4 bucks and I did get several compliments on it the day I wore it. If you love grays, taupes, metals, and/or holos, it's worth checking out!

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I will definitely get this polish, it looks very pretty!

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