Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Here is another new Milani, Gold & Glitz. I used two coats just to make it perfectly awesome and blinged out.

This gold has a lot of depth and character. It contains a mix of gold and what looks to be coppery (orange) glitters.

Again, I don't usually wear a lot of golds, but I found this to be very pretty and not unflattering.

It's almost like having jewelry on your nails! Crazy and cool.

I should have watermarked these pictures (along with the ones of Silver Dazzle). Oh bother. Don't steal them, okay? :) I mean it! Thanks.

I hope you are all surviving the pre-holiday madness. I got some last minute online shopping done just now. I still have a couple of gifts to secure before I can completely relax! And my Christmas tree now has two ornaments on it. Baby steps.

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Gold is my new best friend! Can't get these in the UK yet so I make do with what I have.


This gold looks great on your nails!!!

Woa, so bright & glittery! :D

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