Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

No more long nails! RIP, long nails. Here is Sally Hansen XtremeWear Mystic Lilac. I did three coats.

I was very excited about this when I first saw pictures and heard about it on MUA.

I didn't get around to trying it until about a month ago, though.

I really love it! I loved it so much that I couldn't think of anything to layer over it that wouldn't ruin the subtlety of the green shimmer.

It's kind of purple, kind of taupe, kind of gray. Totally awesome!

I hope Sally Hansen comes out with more colors like this one that are gorgeous, unique, and affordable!

That's all for my commentary! Nothing else to say. :)

4 dizzy comments:

I love your nubbins! We can be nubby twins since I broke one and filed mine down too.

The green shimmer is so pretty, I wish they would do more like this!

Evil Angel - you have NUBS?! I can hardly believe this!! ;)

Really pretty on you! You're one of those lucky ones with long nail beds, so nubbins look nice on you. Me, not so much.

I love this one!!

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