Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

This was a fun and unexpected look! I layered a bunch of Nfu-Oh Flakies to see what would happen. I'd love to take credit as having this idea originally, but I saw a picture posted on MUA last week where the person layered several flakies and I thought, "OOoooo! Why didn't I think of that?" Whoever you are, out there, brilliant thinking! This brings about more ideas for virtually limitless looks. I started with Zoya Ibiza, a rich, deep, jewel-toned navy. I applied one coat and it was nearly opaque and perfect.

Then I added a coat of Nfu-Oh #51.

Then a coat of #53.

And a coat of #54.

And finished with a coat of #50.

It was fun to see the look change after each coat of Nfu-Oh! In retrospect I wish I had taken pictures at each step. Also, I apologize for a lack of truly decent pictures. I struggled with the lighting a bit due to a very overcast couple of days.

My new Color Clubs are arriving today - Joy! Stay tuned for pictures of the new OPI DS Mystery tomorrow.

8 dizzy comments:

This is stunning! Thanks, now I've got to add these 2 colors to my wish list! ;)

Gorgeous!!! Oh, I really need to try those Nfu-ohs!!!

wow!! this is really fab... i love it.. i would try this using my inglot dream flakes.. i dont have any nfu-oh polish =(
btw.. u inspired me on this... thanks sweety *hugs*

I don't have any nfu-oh polish either but I should I think, they make a great match together!

OH my!!!!! This is just too great to be true! Love it!!!

Your nails look like black opal gems. Just beautiful. It would have been nice to see your nails after each addition.

Gorgeous swatch! I mush have it!

PS- I tagged you on my blog!

Wow, that looks amazing~ I will definitely have to try that out!

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