Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I have a lot to say about this mani!  I used two coats of Zoya Lotus as well as Lynnderella Forget You Not for the accent (index finger on my other hand).
 I'm always looking for the best top coat to use with my Zoyas.  They give me trouble.  This time around I used Out the Door (and a coat of Gelous over the glitter before OtD).
 Out the Door is nice and thin.  I don't love the brush, but it does okay.  It didn't dry super fast for me - in fact, while it did dry to the touch pretty quickly, it took many hours to completely dry.
 Also, it's not a thick top coat - and not the shiniest, in my opinion (though shiny enough).  However, I had zero shrinking or inkling of shrinking and I got REALLY good wear (for me).  Three days, if I recall.  That is quite unusual for me!  There were many times I banged my fingers into things or bent them in ways that I cringed knowing that for sure I would have had a huge chip but no.  Only some tip wear.  It was kind of crazy cool!  And I have to say that I was really hard on my nails in those three days.
All that to say that I'm going to be experimenting more with Out the Door in the near future and will definitely be using it with Zoyas from now on (as long as I have enough time to let it dry well).

Forget You Not is gorgeous and instantly reminds me of one of my most beloved flowers, hydrangeas. It's quite thickly laden with glitter, so all you need is one careful coat.  What a stunner!  Sorry for the dreary pictures - it was raining when I took them.

10 dizzy comments:

Oh wow, this is so incredibly beautiful!!! :'D

very pretty

The word "ethereal" came to mind when I saw this mani. It has a whimsy feeling and I love that. Beautifully done. The accent nail is flawless.

awesome accent nail

I like both colors, but I really love the Lynderella! :)

what a beautiful combination, Forget You Not is definitely going into my next wishlist :)

Gorgeous! Your accent nail compliments your mani perfectly :)

wow glitters are soo amaziing :)

Gorgeous mani! The glitter is a nice touch.

zoya looks fabulous and I love the accent!

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