Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 For this glittery goodness, I started with a coat of Nails Inc. Black Taxi.  It was thick for my liking.  I shall have to thin it before using it again.
 Next, I carefully added a coat of $OPI Sparkling Personality (from the Betsey Johnson collection).  No, it is not scented.  :)  It's got lots of tiny silver glitter and then also pink and blue, it seems.
 I didn't imagine it would be so opaque!  I also added a coat of my $OPI It's Real 18K Gold top coat, just for kicks.
 The overall effect reminds me just a little of Chanel Graphite.  I wasn't sure I liked my combination the first night I had it on, but it quite grew on me and I like it a lot!
I used the $OPI quick dry top coat again, here, and while I love how it gives me longer wear time, I struggle with bubbles and streaks.  Fortunately for this mani, I can actually tolerate the bubbles pretty well (since you can barely ever see or notice them).

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Interesting--I wouldn't have thought to add gold; definitely makes it more eye catching.

This is really pretty and unique! I like it.

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