Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I got a new nail kit from Sephora that has the bottle you see above and also contains a larger bottle of oil.  I think it's called the Perfect Formula Strong Nail system (not positive).  I used the bottle you see above as a base, then followed with my regular base of Palladio Fuse.
 Next, I used one coat of Illamasqua Muse.  ONE coat!!  I was so happy for that.  I wish the sun had come out to make the gold look more shiny and pretty.
Then I added a coat of the $OPI It's Real 18K Gold top coat, followed by the $OPI quick dry top coat. Yeah, I'm into the gold flakes.  I love it!  And please pardon my poor dry skin in these photos - obviously I was not using my new oil before I took these.  The oil is nice, though!  It seems to absorb in easily without leaving my skin greasy.

Anyway, I retract my previous statement that you'd need to use two coats of the 18K Gold top coat.  It looks nice with just one.  :)

6 dizzy comments:

I really like this combo. I don't normally wear gold but I may have to pick this one up!

Those two colors really go well together! Love it! I need to add It's Real 18k Gold to my list of lemmings :)

I love the combination of gold and teal... SO beautiful!! :D

It looks very special (in the good way) with those gold flakies. :)

Ohh, I love the combination of teal and gold :) looks gorgeous on you, hopefully the new products will work for you. To quote a famous show "winter is coming" over here, and my skin is really dry, so I feel your pain.

Really pretty combo!

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