Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is just two coats of NerdLacquer Don't Blink.
 I had some tiny bubbles with this one, much to my dismay, so I didn't leave it alone.  I redid it, then added a coat of Pahlish Your Silver Lining.
 Now you're seeing two coats of Don't Blink, one coat of Your Silver Lining, two coats of Gelous, and a coat of Seche Vite.
 It's hard to tell in these pictures, but you really could still see the speckledness of Don't Blink through Your Silver Lining, which was kind of cool.
 Your Silver Lining seems to be a little bit more white, though, while Don't Blink has more of a gray cast - reminding me a lot of Cookies and Cream on its own!
 I love all the chunkiness of Your Silver Lining, and how the pieces came out easily and made each nail look super unique and sparkly.
 NerdLacquer does not appear to be available anymore.  I'm hoping so much that this changes at a later date!  Pahlish, however is in full swing, when you catch her Etsy store open.  :)

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So your Don't Blink has a grey base, and it looks like there's black glitter in there? Mine is *very* different! It's a white base with all silver glitter!

Gorgeous mani and great blog!

wow, I love the combo you did with Don't blink and Your Silver Lining!!

Allison - yes, it's definitely got a gray tone and lots of black glitter. I've seen a few different looking versions, I wonder if she modified it along the way? Is yours in the newer round bottle? Thank you so much!

Nailderella - thank you! I think they go well together. :)

What a beautiful combo!!!

They are both gorgeous together! Love it!

I love both! They go very well together!

And honestly, I couldn't even tell that there was bubbling in Don't Blink until you said something, then I noticed.

what a pretty combo! so sad that NL disappeared before I could get any :(

what a gorgeous combination!!!

I love my Silver Lining polish! Your mani looks so pretty! Would you be willing to show how you use the Gelous? I bought a bottle online and it seems very thin and runny to me. I am wondering if I bought the right stuff.

pretty polish

Thank you to everyone for the kind comments!!

Malinda - I could show you but it would be really boring because all I do is paint a layer or two over glittery or bumpy manicures before using a quick dry top coat. :) Is your bottle frosted clear glass with a green cap and green writing on it? It is a little thin at first when it's brand new, but the cool thing about it is that when you paint it on the nails it stays solid - firm, and provides a good barrier as well as strength. I know folks that like to use it as a strengthener or base under their polish, but I found for me that Palladio Fuse does a much better job holding my polish on longer. In any case, I love love love Gelous to smooth out glitters! I believe some people may even use it like a top coat (I put quick dry over it because I'm impatient). I hope this helps you some. Don't hesitate to comment again if you have other questions. :)

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