Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is two coats of a-england Order of the Garter.
 I say two coats, but think of it as one sort of thin coat and one rather thick coat!  It probably would've been better to try and do three thin coats.
 What you can't see here is the really pretty pinky purple shimmer that peeks out every now and then in person.  It's a beautiful sea of shimmery blue goodness!
 The application was easy, as always.  After a day or so, I decided to bring on the bling.
 I added a coat of Tokidoki Latte along with the cute decals that came attached to the bottle.
 In the pictures here I've only used one additional coat of top coat, but I decided to go with another one after I snapped the photos as the glitter was too bumpy still.  Below you see my right thumb, left thumb, and right ring finger.

 It was fun and cute!  I really love Tokidoki and the characters.  I used to love buying the Le Sportsac purses back about seven years ago (I only have two but I love them dearly).  Bastardino is my favorite of the stickers here.

6 dizzy comments:

adorable!,, i love it with the glitters on!

WOW. No joke! That combo is kick butt!!! Love it!

I love this shade!

I was just swatching my new A Englands, but I didn't get this one *der* need it!

Order of the Garter is beautiful!


that is so cute! I saw those Tokidoki polishes on Sephora.com. WANT

I store my "mani essentials" kit in a tokidoki pouch. Random, but I had to share that xD

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