Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is three coats of Essie Chinchilly.  I would first off like to say that I would love to own a Chinchilla someday!  Second, I've had this polish as an untried for a long time.  Third, I really really love it!
I don't know why my fingers look so red here.  The polish dries darker on the nail than it appears in the bottle.  Also, my pictures refused to capture it, but to my eye, it looked slightly purple toned.  I'm really loving the gray-ish and dusty tones lately!

5 dizzy comments:

Love this shade!

nice color!

It looks absolutely gorgeous on you! Love the color!

smooooooth. love it!

This is one of those polishes that I'd get just for the name. It's so cute. I'm also a fan of chinchillas :D (sadly, here it's illegal to have them as pets).

I love how it looks on the third picture, with the turquoise in the background. Chinchilly + ChG FA would be an awesome combo :)

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