Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Can I just say that this is my fifth - FIFTH - day wearing this mani?!  Woah.  A moment of silence for such unheard of awesomeness.  I'm hoping it's the Sephora by OPI quick dry top coat that I'm using for the first time.
 Two nights ago I added $OPI It's Real 18K Gold top coat to my Guerlain Riviera mani.  I used two coats of the 18K Gold and followed with another of $OPI quick dry top coat.
 If you are wondering how similar it is to the Rococo Gold Leaf lacquer - Rococo's has much larger pieces of the leaf.  Based on what I've seen so far, I'd recommend using  $OPI's over dark colors, and you'll probably want two coats as well, followed with clear top coat.  It's a little bumpy on it's own.
At $30 a bottle, it had better be real gold!!  Will you be splurging for this nail jewelry?

P.S.  I think everyone here knows, but when I write "$OPI," it's just a shorthand for "Sephora by OPI," that I learned on MUA.  :)

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This is so beautiful!

I brought this polish last week. At $30 I was debating,But the polish hoarder/collector in me felt the need to buy it.

When this polish came out at work I really didn't think anyone would purchase it because of the price of it. But I guess if you are an avid nail polish lover then you would get anything right? It looks totally awesome on you too!

ooh, that is really pretty? does the Essie As Gold as it Gets look similar? Sadly I can't afford spending $30 on ONE polish, my DF would never let me live in peace again xD

Melissa - thank you! It's different and beautiful. :)

jen516 - I feel the same way! Had to have it.

Janella - yeah, it's pricey for sure. I do enjoy having unique polishes, though, and this definitely qualifies. I wonder if it will be a good seller or not.

Estivalia - the Essie is kind of different, unfortunately. They aren't very similar. Essie's has iridescent see-through type flakes. Very pretty, but not the metal gold look. Maybe you can ask for it as a gift or maybe it will go on sale soon! :D

$30?!!! wow,,, if i buy this,, i would just use this on SPECIAL occasion,,,

i just bought this and it is so very wonderful!! yes, $30 is steep, but i think i am happy enough with it's beauty to let that slide, haha

I just got this today on sale for 8 dollars!!! I'm super excited to try it!!

Anonymous - woah!!! That's a terrific deal! I guess I should have waited (but then I always worry that it either won't go on sale or will sell out). In any case, you have a great polish! :D

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