Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is three coats of Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie.
 The blue duochrome sparkles in the sun are just unbelievable stunning!  So much prettier than my pictures.
 Application was easy enough but dry time was rather bothersome.  Also, I only made it one day before I got a large chip.
 I have it on my toes, too, though, and it's wearing well there!
 I have worn this twice as a mani very recently and found that while both top coats took an eternity to fully dry, Poshe did a little better than Seche Vite at finally hardening.
It's such a pretty polish.  I dare say it's worth all the difficulty.

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Lovely. There was some talk about the dry time on this on the MUA nailboard a few days ago. A few people were having trouble getting it to try. I'd just put it on about 20 minutes before the posts about it started. I used SV and the dry time was no longer than any other polish. I got mine in the second round, after it sold out the first time. I wonder if there was a difference between batches?

Gorgeous! Every time I see this I love it!

Aimee - I was probably one of the ones talking about it there! :) I believe mine is first batch...so maybe you are on to something!

PassionForPolish - thank you! It's always beautiful.

LOVE this color! I also got mine from the second batch, and it doesn't take an especially long time to dry; I use Poshe on top, too. Funny, most of the other RBLs I own seem to take FOREVER to dry on me! I usually wear them on my toes for that reason, never on my fingers, although I sure would like to.

Lovely blog with so many interesting and inspiring posts! Love your work:) Would you like to follow each other?

Anonymous - interesting for sure! I don't seem to have trouble with the dry time on my other RBLs. Wait - I take that back. I did have an awful time with Pizzicato! I had assumed it was from trying out a new base/top coat. Hmm. In any case, wearing on the toes seems to work, I agree! I have Scrangie on as pedi right now. :)

Laura - thank you so much! Welcome! I checked out your blog and it is really nice! I would totally follow you if I was into fashion at all (sadly, it's not something I'm really interested in). But thank you so much for the invite! =) I hope you'll stay if you enjoy nail polish.

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