Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I was having some unanticipated mani indecision earlier today!
 After swatching random holos over my previous mani, swatching various things on a nail wheel, I decided on Pahlish Dark Parades (and I had thought I was going to do a Layla holo).
 I didn't want to deal with too many layers, so I opted for a base of one coat of Illamsqua Boosh.
 Then I applied Dark Parades using a combination of strokes and dabbing motions to maximize the glitter coverage.  I think the technique worked well!
 I topped everything with Gelous and Cult Nails Wicked Fast.  In fact, I just added an additional coat of Wicked Fast a little bit ago as it all settled down just a little bumpy.
 Great formula on Dark Parades, though!  Do you see the black bar on the index finger?  Love that.
 Shannon is opening up her shop tomorrow, Friday, at 7 central time.  Here Etsy shop is here.
 I can't say if she'll have Dark Parades available or not, but I can promise you that there will be gorgeous and amazing glittery polish to be had!
 Georgia was sunbathing while I took pictures.  She's been doing that a lot lately as it's been hotter than hot out.
This is a sort of odd picture of my right hand pinky.  I really love how the pond, grass, clouds, and sky look in the background.  Anyway, I took this to show how awesome and chunky that finger turned out!  It's my favorite.  And yay for the orange bar!  It's probably because I had been storing the polish bottle upside down to try and encourage all the glitters to come out and play!  The came...they played...but more so on that finger than the rest.

13 dizzy comments:

I love everything going on in that polish! I hope I can snag a bottle, it's really gorgeous. I want to hug that big fluffy puppy!!

This is a super gorgeous glitter!

can't wait to get this polish, it's stunning! i like it over the black, and it's a nice surprise that the black bar shows up over boosh!

I love that glitter! It's awesome! :)

this is a pretty polish,,, and your puppy is adorable!

So pretty, very unique :D

So pretty!

Woah the glitter is so pretty :o

wow what a stunning polish xxxx

ooh, that's a beautiful glitterbomb, looks awesome on you :D

and hi to Georgia! what breed is she? We have a Pom here, he's a cutie (if I say so myself xD)

That turned out really neat!

Estivalia - thanks! Georgia is a borzoi, a.k.a. russian wolfhound. I have two of the lovelies. Varekai doesn't get as much camera time, though, as she's not nearly as "involved" in the nail painting and picture taking process. :) Pom's are adorable, for sure!! I'd love to have a small dog or dogs, too, someday.

You did a great job with this one. I just swatched it today and I should have used a dark blue base.. after 3 coats on it's own, there was still bald spots for me :(

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