Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Not too long ago a dear work friend of mine traveled to Japan.  She was most generous in offering to try and find me some TiNS polishes off my wish list.
 This is my favorite of the two that she found me.  It's so much better than I could have expected!
 I started with two coats of a-england Elaine as my base.  Then I used one coat of TiNS Photogenne.
 It's light gold, almost white gold, in a clear base with metal looking irregular flakes!
 I die for this.  It's so fierce!
 Thank you SO MUCH, Miya!  This polish is really special to me.  <3
I also got TiNS Champs Elysees, which you see above next to a-england Guinevere.  I currently have this combination on my toes and it's quite pretty.  I'm not posting any pedi pictures, though, so don't worry!

11 dizzy comments:

WOW! I love that! Wish there was a dupe to it. So cool looking!

absolutely love!

LUCKY! The TINS one is beautiful!!

So so SO beautiful! LOVE it :)

Love this!

Those gold flakies are simply stunning! Your mani looks amazing.

whoa that's an amazing polish! it's so luxurious looking, and irregular flakies are my favorite :D are tins only available in japan?

The Sneakerette - as far as I know, yes. :( It's really hard to get them! I once ordered from a seller in Singapore, but it seems like she is always low on stock these days. I wish I could order direct from Japan but it's SO crazy. I'd have to buy a forwarding address or something. No thanks. D:

Gorgeous! I have Elaine and I love that polish. I adore glittah, too!

You're right...this looks awesome!

Beautiful layering! I absolutely love it :)

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