Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Here is recent creation from Pahlish.  It's called Sitting in a Tin Can.
 I only used two coats here, then finished with Gelous and Poshe.
 I ended up adding an extra coat of Poshe the following day just to make it perfectly smooth (most nails were, just a few spots bothered me).
 Check out the total coolness that is chillin' in that bottle!!  I did get several diamond glitters on my nails during the first coat.  Sadly, they got covered during the second coat.
 I still absolutely adore this.  It's a fun and funky gray with loads of character.
 It reminds me of really super sparkly asphalt or gravel or something.
You can get Pahlish from the Etsy shop here.

5 dizzy comments:

It seems like it would be more dense with glitter, but it's still really pretty! ^.^

i don't know what i love more; the beautiful glitter in the polish or the bowie reference.

I sooo love it! I'm going to have to order myself a bottle :D

I really like the concept I this polish!

I wish more of the coloured glitter was on your nails but it's still really pretty :)

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