Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is three coats of Nails Inc. Cheyne Walk.
 Let's talk about this, shall we?  The clever sticker on the cap promises me that this is some new magic called "Mirror Metallic."
 Was I wrong for thinking that this would be, erm, more metallic?  Or more mirrory?  :)
 As soon as I pushed the first brush stroke onto my nail, I instantly knew that what I had on my hands was a DUOCHROME.
 Your average, run of the mill, abso-frickin-lutely gorgeous, duochrome.
 I feel silly for even bringing this up, but I was a little disappointed by the misleading marketing.
 I'll need to see if I have an exact dupe for this - my initial thought is that I might.
 In any case, it is VERY pretty and I'm never sad to see duo.
I got Stratford, as well, which is a copper/gold/pink.  Do you have or will you be getting either of these?

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This is a really nice colour, but as you said it's not exactly what it says on the bottle. That always sort of annoys me about Nails Inc, they seem to think they're original and innovative but they're really not!

Pretty duochrome! It's always nice to be surprised.

Totally weird. I would have been bothered as well. "Mirror" to me would look something like a foil. Strange.

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Hi, I'm kuroba from MUA NB :D I'm really excited to have found your blog, I've always loved your swatches :D

Estivalia/kuroba - welcome!!! :) It's so nice to have you here. No worries at all....I'm glad to know about your blog, too!! Thank you!

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